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Polished Diamond Collection Catalog


Purchase Includes $60 Credit on first order over $2000.

All Catalogs are in PDF Format, up to date, and sent via email.

If you prefer a printed version by postal mail instead of the PDF:

Please add $12.00 per catalog (Worldwide Delivery).


The Polished Diamond Catalog lists Polished Diamonds in all Shapes (e.g. Round, Standard, Fancy, and Exotics), Sizes, Clarities (from Flawless to Promotional), and Colors (from D to Intense Fancy- Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, etc.). Prices range from less than $200 per ct. to well over $100,000 per ct. (for Rare Diamonds). The catalog gives all the standard details (along with special information, when applicable) about each stone in an organized fashion (item #, weight, shape, color, clarity, cut proportion, faceted girdled ‘yes or no’, comments, and price).

Certified Diamonds bearing the GIA, AGS, and IGI reports are one of our greatest strengths.  We offer wholesale (discounted) prices to everyone, especially on sizes over 1.50 ct. We can offer you Certified Diamonds in a wide range of choices; the extremely broad spectrum ranging from Internally Flawless to Nice Commercial Clarity all the way through Promotional Imperfects, as well as White and Fancy Colors and both Standard and Fancy Shapes.


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