Our Primary Business is Natural Rough Diamonds. It has been our focus for over 40 years.

Natural means: as the Creator made them; unchanged from their “Earth Born” state. Just like every person was created different and special, every piece of Natural Diamond Rough has its own unique Surface Appearance, Shape and Structure; its own 3D “Fingerprint”.

We are purists, at heart, and carry that over into our Business Practices. This is why we only deal with 100% Natural Diamond Rough. No synthetics/man-made Diamonds, treatments or enhancements, fracture filling or radiated Diamonds. Only the real thing!

We have Diamond Rough available to you for every application. We stock the full range of shapes, sizes, and qualities of Rough Diamonds. You can buy both single stones and parcels.

We stock:

  • Cuttable Diamond Crystals – Gem-Quality; from many localities worldwide
  • Industrial Diamonds – the full range of Shapes, Sizes, and Qualities (for all Technical and Scientific Uses)
  • Diamond Specimens – every Type, Size, and Crystal Configuration (for Jewelers, Educators and Collectors)
  • Diamond Rough Crystals – for Jewelry Use (As-Is)


Professional Diamond Rough Education Course – If you are entering the Trade, or already in the Trade,
Practical Hands-On Knowledge = Profit and Success.

For information on Polished Diamond Education check out the world’s premier college for gemological education:
GIA (Gemological Institute of America). only carries Kimberly Process Compliant & Environmentally Earth-Friendly Diamonds.