Kenneth Glasser Company was founded by Kenneth Glasser in 1972.  During the early operational years of the company, many of his friends and associates in the Global Diamond Trade encouraged him to join the New York Diamond Dealers Club Inc.  In August of 1987 our company became a member.

Our primary business has always been to supply Natural DIAMOND ROUGH of all grades and types for all industries.  This includes Cuttables (all sizes from the finest large single gem stones to parcels of small sizes for melee production), Industrial Diamonds (all sizes, qualities and origins), Specimen Diamonds (extremely wide range of undamaged natural crystals and unusual and rare configurations).  We also supply many manufacturing jewelers with Diamond Rough to be used and set in jewelry as is.

Our Diamond Rough Business has provided the foundation for our Polished Diamond (Diamond Cutting) Operations. We excel in providing unusual, innovative, rare cuts and configurations.

Kenneth Glasser brought to light the clarity grade Si-3 (in the late 1970s) as well as I-4 and I-5, and Promotional clarity grades 1 to 5.  His recognition of the need in the marketplace for these clarity grades pioneered his research and development of this globally unique system of Diamond Rough and Polished grading.  He also introduced Diamond Beads to the global marketplace using laser technology.

Mr. Glasser developed the content, grading systems and methodology of the “Diamond Rough”™ Education Course for the Trade which has been the “behind the scenes” global leader in training a very select group of diamond rough experts and entrepreneurs.  The course became accessible to the trade in the late 1990s.

In 2010, the “Diamond Math” Book was published!

The “Diamond Rough to Polished Potential Guide” was produced in 2014.

Our business adheres to the most noble and straightforward business practices.  In other words, we say what we mean and deliver the goods with honesty and integrity!

“A persons signature is only worth as much as their word”
-Kenneth A. Glasser, DRE