The “Diamond Rough to Polished Potential” Guide

Profit$ = Applied Knowledge


What is Diamond Rough to Polished Potential?

The Diamond Rough To Polished Potential Guide is a general reference, with practical examples, for establishing the wisest potential use of Diamond Rough.

The Diamond Rough To Polished Potential Guide takes into account the external (shape and symmetry) and internal (clarity) structure of a Rough Diamond. Most of the examples given are based upon Textbook “ABC” Diamond Rough Crystals with Higher Clarity (needing no engineering of the Diamond Rough to increase clarity). The chapters “Distorted & Modified Mono-Crystals”, “Combined Multi-Crystals”, “Cleavage & Broken Stones”, “Imperfect Clarity Crystals”, “Crystals With Color and Color Zoning”, and “Coated Crystals” contain examples of stones where the Diamond Rough needs to be engineered to achieve the most profitable yield. It is important to use conservative mathematical values when estimating Yield Potentials and monetary evaluations that are inclusive of all your expenses and you’re estimated zone of profitable business. All calculations should be written, and double or triple checked.

The goal of The Diamond Rough To Polished Potential Guide is to instill the theory of the “Diamond Rough To Polished Transition” in one’s mind. That knowledge is intrinsically married, on the deepest level, to the value estimation of Diamond Rough. It is an essential tool for achieving the maximum potential of a given Rough Diamond.

“Diamond Rough To Polished Theory” is the economic foundation, for professional buyers of cuttable Diamond Rough, used to most accurately estimate the maximum “sculpted potential” yield of a given rough stone or parcel.

The Diamond Rough To Polished Potential Guide will train a person examining Rough to make critically accurate evaluations before profitably purchasing. It assists owners/contractors (all those hiring a cutter or cutting factory) in the production of Diamond Rough to Polished Goods and/or recutting polished stones that are damaged. It is also helpful for updating old cuts into more modern versions, thereby enhancing their value, etc.

The Diamond Rough To Polished Potential Guide is designed for the following users:

  • Diamond Dealers
  • Diamond Rough Traders
  • Diamond Cutters
  • The Diamond Mining Industry
  • Jewelers
  • Estate Jewelry Merchants
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Appraisers and Market Evaluators
  • Gemologists
  • Diamond Educators
  • Industrial Diamond Tool Manufacturers
  • Diamond/Jewelry Collectors
  • Consumers Interested in Diamond Rough Education

The Guide includes 90 minutes of live telephone consultation on the specifics of “Diamond Rough To Polished Potential” theory (for one month after date of purchase).