Catalogs (Welcome Note)


Thank you for your interest in our diamonds. We hope that you and your business will be satisfied with the very best in value, quality and service which we provide. As wholesale specialists, we are continually achieving higher standards, which enable us to bring you better diamonds, at better values.
We have 3 different catalogs available for purchase:

The catalogs are extremely informative, with regards to everything we sell. Each catalog has within it a great deal of information that is trade specific. Many of our long time customers have told us that they are very pleased that we were so forthcoming with the so called “trade secrets”. The truth is that if you prosper, we will prosper. A description of each catalog is listed below. We also encourage you to look at our photo galleries, as they will present you with a good idea of the types and qualities of our diamonds.

G-d Bless and Sincerely,
Kenneth A.A. Glasser, DRE