Diamond Investments

Investors in precious and essential commodities such as gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc. have watched prices go up against all currencies. The true and honest worth of most non-perishables is an anchor for lasting and secure value.

We will create with you an appropriate personal precious portfolio that is suitable and versatile for the widest range of future economic times.

Options range from the finest GIA certified collection quality cut & polished diamonds to the lower spectrums of promotional quality, depending upon your specific interests. Diamond Rough may be the choice of some investors, while others choose exotic polished diamond items, such as beads. In addition, for some people, certain types of jewelry are an excellent investment choice to include in one’s portfolio. All are rare and represent a foundation of value.

The most important aspect of any “Diamond Asset Program” is that you have total understanding of the collection and its relationship to the market.

A diamond portfolio or collection for most people has a direct relationship to the owner’s sense of taste and appreciation of the assets.

Diamonds are a commodity, not a security, bond or promissory note based upon a non-asset currency. They are the “here and now” of value, and always have been.

When it comes to Diamond Investments, I am at your service, ready to discuss your ideas, requirements and options.

Best Regards,
Kenneth Glasser