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Rough Diamonds

DiamondRough.net has a broad inventory of Cuttables, Industrials, Specimens, and Unique Rough Diamonds from many localities around the world. We stock the full range of Shapes, Sizes, and Qualities of Natural Diamond Rough. You can buy single stones and parcels. Whether you seek Rough Diamond Crystals for Jewelry use, Gem-Quality Cuttable Diamond Crystals, a beautiful Diamond Rough Specimen, or Industrial Diamonds for tool making (and other technical uses), we are here for you!

Our proprietary Rough Diamond Grading Terminology has been designed, over many years, to be intuitive. The system has evolved through the creation and updating of our Diamond Rough Education Course. It’s been designed to be self-explanatory. If there is something you don’t understand, we recommend that you order our Rough Diamond Catalog. For deeper understanding order the Diamond Math Book, the Diamond Rough to Polished Potential Guide, and/or enroll in our Education course. For any questions regarding these products and services, please call us directly.

Rough Diamond Single Stone prices start at $18.00 per carat.

Rough Diamond Parcel prices start at $3.50 per carat.