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Unique Artful Polished Diamonds

The more one understands Gems and Minerals, the more one will come to appreciate Rough Diamonds. It is important to remember that Natural Rough Diamonds come in every Quality; they range from Stones that almost look like Granite to such Perfect Crystals that it’s hard to believe that they are Natural Rough Diamonds, with an Earthly Origin, mined straight from the ground.
The vast majority of Rough Diamonds fall into the Industrial Category. Some of these Industrial Diamonds are able to be Polished, however they do not have the appropriate characteristics to cut a Standard Type/Shape Polished Diamond (with Table, Crown and Pavilion Facets). Usually this is due to Lower Clarity that prevents the light from refracting and reflecting in a Standard Cut. Unique, Artful Polished Diamonds are a perfect way to create Polished Beauty without the need for Standard Cuts and Shapes.
People are accustomed to what they have been taught and what has been marketed to them. Beauty, Art and Uniqueness, however, can go beyond these boundaries. Free Form Shapes and Diamond “Sculptures”, being one-of-a-kind, rare, and full of wonderment, are what define this group of Polished Diamonds.
Rough Diamonds that are Polished into a Baroque, Artful form have the same Hardness and Durability as Standard Shaped Cut and Polished Diamonds. Because they may have interiors with grains that are multi-directional (making them very difficult to cut), these Polished Diamonds are often even tougher and more durable than Standard Cut Stones.
We believe that this is a whole new Polished Diamond Category; a brave new world that will take its place in the Treasure Troves of Diamond Jewelry and Rare Collectable Gems.