Polished Diamond Collection Catalog

Our website offers only a fraction of what we stock. We have Hundreds of Single Polished Stones available for sale.

The Polished Diamond Catalog lists Polished Diamonds in all Shapes (e.g. Round, Standard, Fancy, and Exotics), Sizes, Clarities (from Flawless to Promotional), and Colors (from D to Intense Fancy- Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, etc.). Prices range from less than $200 per ct. to well over $100,000 per ct. (for Rare Diamonds). The catalog gives all the standard details (along with special information, when applicable) about each stone in an organized fashion (item #, weight, shape, color, clarity, cut proportion, faceted girdled ‘yes or no’, comments, and price).

Certified Diamonds bearing the GIA, AGS, and IGI reports are one of our greatest strengths.  We offer wholesale (discounted) prices to everyone, especially on sizes over 1.50 ct. We can offer you Certified Diamonds in a wide range of choices; the extremely broad spectrum ranging from Internally Flawless to Nice Commercial Clarity all the way through Promotional Imperfects, as well as White and Fancy Colors and both Standard and Fancy Shapes.

We also cut and produce finished Polished Diamond Beads drilled through (ready to string), as well as Free Form “art shape” Polished Diamonds. Rough Diamond Beads drilled through are also included within the Polished Catalog because quite a number of Jewelry Producers are using them “as-is” in finished pieces. From time to time, certain stones or group types are closed out. There is a special catalog section for this, but it is still best to contact us.

The first section of the catalog explains all grading data, sales terms, shipping, etc. It also lists the Trade Services that we offer: Repairs, Recutting, Girdle Polishing, Laboratory Certification and General Information that may assist you.  Please note that this is a wholesale catalog and we use trade terms (which are explained in the introduction section). Our low wholesale prices do reflect present world market conditions as we see them for the Grade and Type of Loose Diamonds represented within the catalog and may be used as a market indicator or index in general.

On certain types of diamonds we are market makers within the world trade.

In polished goods we can produce or find anything! Really anything. This may sound like a broad statement, but by virtue of having a strong rough stock we have a great deal of flexibility and can produce for most orders. If there is a request for something rare that we don’t have on hand, we will find it for you very quickly.

Portfolio Collections of Polished Goods

Some people like to collect and some enjoy speculating on certain types of goods over a long term. Most collections are GIA or AGS certified stones in better clarity grades with better white colors. Some people who are building important collections are purchasing fancy color diamonds. Collections range in total value from $50,000 to well over $10,000,000. Portfolio collections of polished goods are custom made according to your taste and personal or company need.