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Colorado Diamonds – Rough Diamond Parcel DPS-51 (Mixed Crystal Types) – 89.88 ct. (R10a-09)

Colorado Diamond Rough – Mixed Whole Stones: Octahedrons, Dodecahedrons, Macles and Free Forms.
Mixed Colors.
Mixed Clarities.
Very Little Cleavage.
We have sorted and separated this lot into 5 sub-parcels and photographed each.
These goods are Cuttables, as well as having many other uses including Jewelry use, as-is.


Colorado Diamonds – Rough Diamond Parcel DPS-51 (R10a-09)

WEIGHT: 89.88 ct.

CRYSTAL SHAPE (AVERAGE): Octahedrals, Dodecahedrals, Macles, Free Forms

COLOR (APPROXIMATE): Full White range to Medium Light Brown

SURFACE APPEARANCE/TEXTURE: Mixed. Glassy, Clear, Reflective, Grainy. Patterns. Very Small % Cleavage.

CLARITY (APPROXIMATE): Mixed, Clean (VS) through “I” Range


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